Popcorn – 40×40 Poplin 80×20 Popcorn BTM

Popcorn – 40×40 Poplin 80×20 Popcorn BTM

Product Name – Popcorn
Design – 40×40 Poplin 80×20 Popcorn BTM
l – 97
Width – 57″ – 58″
Color – All Color Available (Same as the picture)
Use For – Shirt


Popcorn is a type of textile weave that is characterized by small, raised bumps on the surface of the fabric. These bumps are created through a unique weaving technique that involves the use of special yarns or fibers that are looped and cut to produce the raised texture. The result is a fabric that is both visually interesting and tactilely appealing, making it a popular choice for a wide range of textile applications. Poplin is a type of plain fabric made from cotton, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, or a blend of these. Its characteristic ribbed texture is achieved by alternating a tightly woven and a looser weave, resulting in a soft, crisp finish that is durable and breathable.

Popcorn fabric is often made using a jacquard loom, which allows for intricate patterns and designs to be woven into the fabric. The raised texture of the fabric can be created in a number of ways, including by using special yarns that are thicker or more tightly twisted than normal yarns, or by using a special weaving technique that involves looping and cutting the yarns to create the raised bumps.